Quis es: Who are you?

Welcome to Quid Valorem. Quid Valorem is Latin for “What (is the) Value?” I am its founder: Dr. Victor Jarosiewicz, ASA, CFA, CAIA.

Being informal for a moment, as you can see above, I’m proud to be a Florida Gator PhD. If you read my profile page, you will learn about my work across the US, from Florida down South to Missouri in the Midwest, to Rhode Island in the Northeast, and most recently Washington, D.C. With family and friends in Florida, if I’m not in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area I am likely to be found in Florida or on the road in between. Prior to the PhD, I worked with clients all over the U.S., as well as Mexico and Canada.

Previously, I wrote: Now, I have created Quid Valorem to provide valuations with professional integrity and with superior analytical and writing skills. I am driven by a desire to help investors and entrepreneurs tackle vexing finance problems, and to help develop the next generation of finance professionals.

I went off to earn my PhD to help my profession do better – better in its analyses, and better in explaining how what you get is supported by those analyses. Now, I’m going to make good on that promise.

Going forward, I am going to post writeups from research, both mine and far more from others, so that when you hire Quid Valorem, you can see for yourself how that research leads the way and makes what you receive better – better thought out, better supported, and better documented. As an initial example, you can start to see the implications on valuation analyses from the research on my qualifications page.


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