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Professional Valuation Services

Quid Valorem: “What (is the) Value?”

With extensive knowledge and experience, Quid Valorem offers analyses tailored to meet the unique situation of each client. Quid Valorem’s founder has been leading the valuation industry for more than twenty years, delivering 4R (Rigorous, Robust, Reliable, Reasonable) results, advancing valuation theory and practice, and giving back by researching, publishing, teaching and mentoring the next generation of valuation professionals. Turn to Quid Valorem to address your valuation needs.

Why Choose Quid Valorem

Quid Valorem offers professional services related to the research, analysis and valuation of investment interests, based on more than twenty years of experience specializing in valuation and corporate finance.

Quid Valorem’s experience includes more than a thousand valuation reports for hundreds of valuation and M&A clients – from the Estate of Ken Lay (former chair of Enron) and other tax-related valuations to fairness opinions for public company transactions, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), as well as analyses of complex securities and intangible assets. Turn to Quid Valorem to address your valuation needs.